Pacific Crest Trail Day 121 – Pilot Rock to Hyatt Lake Recreation Area

PCT Day 121 – Saturday August 12
Pilot Rock Viewpoint Tentsite Mile 1721.9 to Mile 1743.9

PCT Miles Hiked Today: 22
Total PCT Miles Hiked: 1293.8
Feet Ascended Today: 3432
Feet Descended Today: 3143
Current Elevation: 5369
Steps: 62353

Long day today. My longest day yet, actually. I’m trying to beat my previous record (which was 21.7) incrementally as I go so I can keep challenging myself.

I’m liking Oregon so far. No dramatic scenery or rugged mountains yet, mostly forested trails with gentle elevation and smooth paths. The Ashland area also has a lot of rolling fields with prairie-like yellow grass.

Tonight I’m camped near Hyatt Lake Recreation Area. I didn’t bother to leave the trail and check out the lake as I’ll be going to some other lakes this week and I wanted to make some miles. I caught a few glimpses of the lake from the trail.

Here’s a summary of my day in pictures, as I’m too tired to write much today:

Entering Soda Mountain Wilderness

Sunrise over Pilot Rock

Hobart Bluff Trailhead. BEST OUTHOUSE ON THE TRAIL!

One of Many Pipe Gates on the Trail

Water Cache!

Hiker Crossing

Hiker Trash Crossing

It looks like this tree is bleeding

Little Hyatt Reservoir

Hyatt Lake at Sunset

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