A Walk in the Woods: Lost Trail at Beech Fork State Park

3.1 miles roundtrip
456 feet elevation

This is my third visit to the beautiful state of West Virginia. During my previous visits I wasn’t able to go on any hikes, so this time I set aside a morning just for hiking. I didn’t have a lot of time available to me, so I chose Lost Trail at Beech Fork State Park. With a mileage of 3.6 miles, it’s not super long and it’s a short drive from Huntington.

Welcome to Beech Fork State Park.

Lost Trail is a pleasant jaunt through the woods with some peek-a-boo lake views and a mild climb along a ridge. I did encounter several other hikers on the trail, but I was surprised at how few people I saw given that it was a Saturday. The trail is located right next to a state park campground which appeared to be completely full. If this hike was located only 30 minutes from Seattle it would have been mobbed with people.

The AllTrails app directs hikers to park in the main campground parking lot and then walk through a bunch of campsites. There is a small parking lot near the trailhead, however, assuming you can find it. I drove around for a bit hunting for the trailhead parking lot and eventually gave up and parked in front of the campground restrooms. (Pro tip: the parking lot is located next to campspot 103. From here the mileage is approx. 3.3 miles).

The trailhead is cleverly hiding behind campsite #103
At the trailhead.

The Lost Trail loop trail officially begins after following a short access trail. From here you can either go right (along the lake shore) or left (along a creek bed into the woods). I chose right.

The Lost Trail loop officially starts here.

The first half of the trail is fairly flat as it follows along the lake shore. I could see the lake peeking through the trees, as well as lots of campers and people along the shore. If you’re looking for solitude then this probably isn’t the hike for you.

Walking along the lake shore.
A view of the Beech Fork campground across the lake through the trees.

After about a mile, the trail intersects with the Mary Davis Trail. The Lost Lake trail heads left away from the lake and into the trees. From here the trail heads up to a ridge with a couple of park benches – I assume the view is pretty nice in winter when there are no leaves on the trees.

Hiking up to a ridge.
Chilling on a bench.

As I came to another trail junction, I encountered a group of about 10 hikers from Indonesia who asked me for directions. I’ve never hiked this trail before either but I was equipped with a map and GPS on my phone as well as a lot of experience. After sorting them out, I contributed to follow the yellow blazes back to the parking lot.

Follow the yellow blazes.
Crossing a dry streambed near the end of the hike.

All in all a great little hike. Next time we visit West Virginia I’d like to check out some of the longer trails at the state park.

A Rambling Unicorn

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    1. Hey Uncle Dave and Aunt Joanna!!! I would love to see you guys but I’m a bit behind in my blog posting and we’re already in Europe “in real time”. However we’ll definitely be back to West Virginia as that’s where my in-laws live. I’ll let you know when we’re heading back that way again. ☺️

      1. I was worried that may be the case. Next time around then! Love love love what you two are doing! Be happy and safe!

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