WTA Work Party at Soaring Eagle Regional Park

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about doing trail maintenance work. Considering the thousands of miles that I’ve logged on well-loved trails, it was becoming a source of embarrassment to me that I’ve never volunteered to help maintain a trail. So, I recently joined a Washington Trails Association work party at Soaring Eagle Regional Park. Located on the eastern edge of the Sammamish Plateau, the 600-acre Soaring Eagle Regional Park a hidden gem among a dense network of suburban sprawl…

Achievement Unlocked! Tiger Mountain Trail Through-Hike

I love hiking long trails. What I don’t love about long-distance hiking, however, is being away from my family for extended periods of time. Luckily for me, there are lots of shorter “long trails” in my area to explore. The Tiger Mountain Trail (TMT) is one of those trails. Traversing the entire length of the Tiger Mountain State Forest, the TMT is rugged and wild and attracts a fraction of the crowds that flock to more popular trails with big views.

Issaquah’s Best Workout: the Poo Poo Point Chirico Trail

I’ve never been a fan of especially steep trails. Given the choice of a long trail with a moderate incline over a short steep trail, I’ll take the long trail any day. I’ll take all the switchbacks, please and thank you! Thus I found myself at the Chirico Trailhead on Wednesday morning, attempting the trail for the very first time.

Winter and Spring Hiking on the Tiger Mountain Trail North

Tiger Mountain is one of my go-to hiking destinations near the Seattle area when I don’t want to drive too far. Thirty minutes from downtown Seattle, it’s a short drive but miles away from city life. The mountain can draw quite the crowd on a sunny weekend, but I’ve found that most folks tend to congregate on the West Tiger #3 and Poo Poo Point Trails.

Tiger Mountain Trail – Poo Poo Point Trail Loop

11 Miles 2500 Feet Elevation Gain 30 lb backpack Yesterday, I felt recovered enough from The Sick to go on a hike.  I’ve been on some easy walks around Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood to test the waters, and I felt ready.  I was originally planning a more ambitious hike, but after checking the avalanche forecast…