Hiking Mount Mosor – Split, Croatia

I sat at a makeshift picnic table, eating a sandwich and marvelling at the view. The Dalmatian coastline stretched out before me and the Adriatic Sea shimmered in the distance. The town of Split, 20 kilometers away, was clearly visible down below. Behind me, I could see far off mountain ranges which I suspected were in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Getting up here had been difficult, but it was worth it.

A Walk in the Woods: Lost Trail at Beech Fork State Park

This is my third visit to the beautiful state of West Virginia. During my previous visits I wasn’t able to go on any hikes, so this time I set aside a morning just for hiking. I didn’t have a lot of time available to me, so I chose Lost Trail at Beech Fork State Park. With a mileage of 3.6 miles, it’s not super long and it’s a short drive from Huntington.

Artist Point Wedding

Sun streamed through the blinds in our bedroom at Sumas Mountain Lodge as I tiptoed out the door seeking breakfast. We’ve stayed at this rustic hotel many times before, but apparently our previous visits had taken place on the weekend. The ground floor restaurant, Bob’s Burgers and Brew, apparently did not serve breakfast on weekday mornings. And so that is how I found myself eating a breakfast of microwaved oatmeal on my wedding day in a gas station in Sumas Washington, suitcase in tow.

The Non-Bridal Shower

A few months ago, my sister Bethany asked if I wanted a bridal shower or bachelorette party before the wedding. So far, my focus has been on ensuring that the wedding is as simple and stress-free as possible. The idea of playing tedious parlor games or traipsing around in a veil and a tiara had me breaking into a cold sweat. No, thank you.

Pre-Wedding Visit to Artist Point and Nooksack Falls

We sit with our backs against a rock, holding hands and watching the shadows lengthen. Mt. Baker rises majestically behind us and Mt. Shuksan towers before us, its ragged top obscured by clouds. We had considered hiking further but aren’t prepared to face the snow hugging the steep trail ahead. So we stop and sit companionably in silence, drinking in the view and the soft afternoon light.

Lummi Island Ramble: Baker Preserve and Otto Preserve

It’s always fun to discover new trails. On a recent trip to Lummi Island, I took the opportunity to check out some footpaths in the area. There are three trails that I know of on Lummi Island, all managed by the nonprofit Lummi Island Heritage Trust. The Baker Preserve Trail is the best known of the three, and so I decided to start my explorations there.

WTA Work Party at Soaring Eagle Regional Park

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about doing trail maintenance work. Considering the thousands of miles that I’ve logged on well-loved trails, it was becoming a source of embarrassment to me that I’ve never volunteered to help maintain a trail. So, I recently joined a Washington Trails Association work party at Soaring Eagle Regional Park. Located on the eastern edge of the Sammamish Plateau, the 600-acre Soaring Eagle Regional Park a hidden gem among a dense network of suburban sprawl…