Pacific Crest Trail Day 134 – Zero in Bend with Bright and Story

PCT Day 134 – Friday August 25
Zero Day in Bend

I had a wonderful zero day in Bend today, staying with my dear friends Jill (Bright) and Robert (Story). I got to sleep in a real bed, take a real shower, work on my blog, and enjoy time with friends – both new and old.  Also I received my new food bag in the mail (yay!) *and* I got a sweet goodie box from fellow Bend resident and longtime friend Christy who was out of town on vacation during my visit.  Thanks Christy!

Like any zero, a good portion of the day was spent running errands. Today wins the prize for “most fun running errands on a zero day so far”. Jill graciously drove me around while I completed my errands but we had a lot of fun doing it too. We had a lovely lunch together and Jill sneakily took pictures of me while I conducted my errands. So now, for the first time, you get to see Unicorn in action running errands!

In the evening we had a potluck dinner on the patio with Jill, Robert, and Robert’s son Thomas, as well as the neighbors from the cottage in the back yard: Melissa and Brett. It was one of the nicest, most relaxing evenings I’ve had in a while. Yay for friends!

I’m looking forward to coming back to Bend when the fire closures in Three Sisters Wilderness and Mt Jefferson Wilderness are open again and I can finally hike those sections.

Selfie with Jill

We are Two Very Serious Ladies

Girls Lunch! I’ll have two entrees please.

Surprise Selfie with Robert

Unicorn goes to the Post Office


Unicorn goes to the Pharmacy

Holy Crap! My medication is expensive!

Unicorn goes to REI to buy more fuel. Nothing else. Such self control!

Unicorn goes to the cash machine to get the monies

Unicorn goes shopping for salad ingredients

Potluck on Patio!

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