Urban Camping in Jersey City

On Friday October 16, Daniel and I finally arrived in Jersey City. We were there to visit Katjia and Matthew and see to their new apartment.

We had initially planned to arrive in September, but alas, we were delayed. First car trouble and then illness put us over a month behind schedule.

Thankfully, the weather was mostly sunny and gorgeous for our visit. But we knew winter wasn’t far behind. So our visit was a short one.

Nighttime views from the Liberty Harbor RV Park and Marina. The new World Trade Center building has the purple light on top.
Daytime views from the Liberty Harbor RV Park and Marina.

Liberty Harbor RV Park

The biggest challenge for our visit to Jersey City was finding a place to stay. Located across the water from Manhattan, Jersey City is a big city with lots of skyscrapers and a bustling urban center.

Neither of us felt like navigating big city traffic in Appa. Moreover, where were we supposed to park her?

As luck would have it, Jersey City is home to an RV park that’s only a 15-minute walk from Katjia’s apartment. Billed as “the closest RV Park to New York City”, the Liberty Harbor RV Park is located right in the middle of downtown Jersey City. So we decided to brave the city traffic and give the RV Park a try.

The Liberty Harbor RV is just a paved parking lot with water and electric hookups. But the views are incredible! The campground is located in a marina surrounded by skyscrapers and with views of the Manhattan skyline.

The RV Park isn’t cheap, either, but it is patrolled by a security guard and has clean restrooms. So we felt safe there. The campground was filled with a mix of tour buses and motorhomes which was interesting.

Liberty Harbor RV Park in the morning
The RV Park wasn’t too crowded during our visit which was nice.
There’s even a very tiny tent camping area for those who are so inclined.
Liberty Harbor Marina & RV Park front office.

Photos from Jersey City

We spent the rest of our visit exploring Jersey City with Katjia and Matthew. I confess that my expectations weren’t very high. Our first visit to New Jersey wasn’t a positive one.

Daniel and I were happily surprised by the city, however. The historic downtown area is cute and the waterfront has lovely views of the Manhattan skyline.

The best views, however, were from Katjia and Matthew’s new apartment. Their previous tiny apartment in Manhattan proved inadequate after the pandemic hit. They are both college students and spend almost all their time at home since college is now an online experience. The new space is better suited for this new college experience.

Jersey City’s Waterfront

Hanging out at the Historic Morris Canal Section of Liberty State Park
Selfie time!
View of Manhattan from the Jersey City waterfront
Strolling along the Jersey City waterfront in autumn
Another view of the Jersey City waterfront

The Village in Jersey City (Historic Downtown area)

The historic downtown area is a fun area of Jersey City to explore
Historic buildings in one part of the city are juxtaposed next to towering skyscrapers
Restaurants have expanded outdoor seating in this pedestrian-only section of the city
Historic downtown Jersey City
Totoro graffiti!
Apparently this library has a fallout shelter

Katjia and Matthew’s New Apartment

Manhattan skyline as viewed from the new apartment
View from the other direction of the building. The Statue of Liberty is barely visible in the distance.
Closer view of the Statue of Liberty
Katjia and Daniel regard the view from the rooftop garden on her building

Where are we now?

We are in Jersey City, New Jersey – eating brunch at a cafe LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE! It’s a strangely surreal experience…

Dates: October 17-18, 2020
Great American Road Trip Status: Days 104 & 105
Location: Liberty Harbor RV Park – Jersey City, New Jersey

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