Switchback Heaven: Climbing the Ladder of Kotor in Montenegro

Located in the stunningly beautiful Bay of Kotor, the fortified city of Kotor is framed with a backdrop of mountains that rise dramatically from the Adriatic Sea. Most visitors to Kotor climb the 1355 steps to St. John’s Fortress (also called San Giovanni Fortress) perched above the town, but I was after the bigger challenge. I decided to hike the Ladder of Kotor instead, a trail which climbs the same hill in parallel and continues past the fortifications up to Krstac Pass.

A Fresh Perspective on Dubrovnik: Hiking Mount Srđ

Most visitors to Dubrovnik spend the bulk of their time walking around the city walls, touring museums, and taking selfies in front of fortifications. And it’s easy to see why. The historic city is absolutely stunning, especially when viewed for the very first time. For a different perspective, however, Mount Srđ stands just behind the city and provides amazing panoramic views of Dubrovnik and beyond.

Hvar in the off season: Riding out a Historic Storm

Flashy, trashy Hvar. This is how Lonely Planet: Croatia describes the town of Hvar. With 2760 hours of sunshine a year, Hvar is the sunniest place in the country and a magnet for the yacht set. During our stay, however, this idyllic little town was quiet and peaceful – except for a massive storm that raged across the island. So instead of soaking up the sun, Daniel and I watched as magnificent waves swamped walkways and flooded buildings.