When Best Laid Plans Go Awry: Mother’s Day at Padilla Bay

This Mother’s Day, I got to spend the day with my family at Padilla Bay. A tidal bay located near Anacortes, Padilla Bay is centrally located between my home in Seattle and my family’s home in Whatcom County. I was curious to check out the Padilla Bay Trail, which is recommended as a wheelchair accessible trail as well as an easy walk for kids. It seemed like the perfect trail for our family.

Winter and Spring Hiking on the Tiger Mountain Trail North

Tiger Mountain is one of my go-to hiking destinations near the Seattle area when I don’t want to drive too far. Thirty minutes from downtown Seattle, it’s a short drive but miles away from city life. The mountain can draw quite the crowd on a sunny weekend, but I’ve found that most folks tend to congregate on the West Tiger #3 and Poo Poo Point Trails.