Pacific Crest Trail Day 22 – Beating the Heat with the Slo-Bo’s

I awoke this morning at the side of the trail sleeping on top of my tent. My first night of cowboy camping was a success! I assumed that I’d be awaken by other folks hiking during the night to avoid the heat but I wasn’t. If anyone did go by I slept right through it. ┬áThis is unusual for me as I am typically a light sleeper. I was on the trail by 6:00 am as I learned my lesson from the previous 2 days and I wanted to avoid hiking in the hottest part of the day.

Pacific Crest Trail Day 4 – Nero Day in Mt. Laguna

I woke up feeling tired again this morning. I suspect I’m fighting a stomach bug or maybe I ate something that didn’t agree with me. I started the day by hiking the 3 miles up into Mt Laguna for my first real town day! As I got close to town, the landscape changed as I had hiked above 6000 feet to a high desert mountain forest. It’s so nice to see trees again!

Pacific Crest Trail Day 3 – Blisters and Frozen Shoes

I slept fitfully last night. I’m not used to sleeping with a group and woke up every time someone rustled as I’m a light sleeper. I could hear some other hikers getting up shortly after 5:00 am and so decided I might as well get up too as I wasn’t going back to sleep. It was still dark out with the first glimmers of light glowing at the edges of the sky. I put my feet outside my tent only to discover that my shoes were completely frozen!

Pacific Crest Trail Day 2 – Trail Magic in Lake Morena

I woke up around 7:00 am – and realized I got 11 hours of sleep! Wow. No wonder I was so tired the night before. I guess my body really needed sleep. I wasn’t in a huge hurry this morning – I’m not trying to make big miles yet as I want to give my body time to adjust so no need to rush things. I heated some water and poured it in the bag of oatmeal with plans to eat when arrived at Hauser Creek. Sometimes I’m not hungry when I wake up and like to eat at my first break.