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Weekend in Barcelona: A Whirlwind Tour in Photos

Last updated Apr 6, 2021 | Published on Oct 22, 2019

Barcelona is one of my favorite cities in the world and a place that I keep returning to. Daniel and I kicked off the international portion of our vagabonding adventure with a weekend in Barcelona so that we’d be in familiar surroundings while we recovered from jet lag. We had initially planned to be here for three full days, but thanks to our unplanned bonus day in New Jersey, we only got to be here for two.

And recover from jet lag we did. I’ve always had a particularly hard time with jet lag and tend to get sick whenever I travel across the pond thanks to my compromised immune system. I’m now travelling with a fancy high potency probiotic which has to stay refrigerated (now that’s a fun logistical challenge!) and so far it seems to be working. I’ve had no illnesses and no flare-ups of my autoimmune disease so far.

But my two days in Barcelona were rough. I was really tired during the day and wide awake at night. I wandered around the city in a daze to keep from falling asleep and my digestive system was out of sorts. I was unable to get excited about the magical things and places that Daniel kept pointing out to me. Lack of sleep turns me into a grump monster.

So that’s about all I have to say about Barcelona, this time. Here are a few pictures.

Weekend in Barcelona: In Photos

Outside the window of our apartment, located one block off of Las Ramblas.

Walking around the narrow streets of Barcelona.

Plaça Reial. A bit touristy but still lovely.

Barcelona street food. Delicious Iberian ham in a to-go cone.

We bought our Iberian ham cone from this vendor in the market.

Our first meal in Barcelona. Sardines with potatoes. Yum!

Tomato bread? Yes please!

Daniel’s happy food face.

Daniel’s happier food face.

Daniel’s happiest food face.

Our favorite meal was at a place called El Xampanyet. This place is popular. Expect to arrive early and wait in line.

The bustling crowd inside El Xampanyet.

Leche de pantera (panther milk). We were introduced to panther milk during our last trip to the city.

A little play on words. Leche de pantera rosa means “pink panther milk”

Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar.

Inside the Basilica.

A statue of Sant Ignasi inside the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar.

Barcelona street art.

Barcelona graffiti. Photo by Daniel.

Walking along the beach. Photo by Daniel.

Waiting for the Barcelona metro.

We wandered into an enormous protest. People are protesting due to long sentences handed down by Spain’s Supreme Court for Catalan separatist leaders.

Park Güell. Tickets are now required to visit almost the entire park so we didn’t get inside this time. Lesson learned: be sure to buy tickets in advance.

Park Güell. This portion is open to the public.

A view of the city from Park Güell. You can see La Sagrada Familia in the distance, still under construction. We didn’t make it to La Sagrada Familia this trip.

A photo of La Sagrada Familia from a previous visit to Barcelona with my friend Lisa Mendez.

Where are we now?

We are spending the weekend in Barcelona! This photo is taken from the beach.

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Dates Visited: Monday, October 14 – Tuesday, October 15
Vagabonding Journey Status: Days 14-15

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  1. 4familtbytz

    Love the “faces of good food”! I loved food and the people in Barcelona too! Jetlagged and trying to function stinks! It was smart to spend a few days on the east coast before going over. We are definitely sympathetic when it comes to finding creative ways to keep your medication cool. I ultimately found ice packs that are used to wrap around large joints that have thermal covers to keep our insulin in when we travel. Having an extra instant ice pack, the ones that you have to twist to mix the chemicals, was always a good backup. Can’t wait to hear your next adventure! We are off to go see everyone in spangle tomorrow morning. Very excited to see the family!

    • Unicorn

      Yes I have been using an ice pack and an insulated “lunch bag” to keep my medication cool while traveling from place to place. I’m bummed I won’t be there in Spangle for grandma’s birthday. Say “hi” to everyone for me 😀♥️♥️


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