PCT Day 17 – Sunday April 30

Day 17 – Idyllwild
Zero Day

I took a planned zero day in Idyllwild today and it was lovely. I don’t have much to report today as I spent most of the day laying around behind the hotel by the koi pond and getting caught up with my blog. Believe it or not it takes a lot of work to keep this bad boy updated with my latest shenanigans 🙂

Garnet Turtle Hanging out by the Koi Pond

Garnet Turtle and I moved out of the PCT dorm and into our own hotel room in the afternoon which was lovely. We each had our own bed. Yay!

In the afternoon we ate a late lunch at the Idyllwild Pizza Company. It’s friendly to PCT hikers.  They have a wall of fame and each hiker gets their photo taken and put on the wall.  And they have gluten-free pizza!  Woop woop!

PCT Class of 2017 Wall of Fame

Eating Pizza! Halfway, Apocalypse, Alladin, Tator and Garnet Turtle

In the afternoon I opened up the Blister First Aid Care Package Extravaganza from Daniel.  A week ago when my blisters were really bad, I texted him and asked for some more supplies to deal with blisters.  This is what he sent me.  And more earplugs which turn out to be essential for helping me to sleep at night.  Woo!  Happy dance!  Thanks baby 🙂

Blister First Aid Care Package Extravaganza

4 thoughts on “PCT Day 17 – Sunday April 30

  1. I’ve started taping my blister-prone spots on my feet with rigid sports tape and it’s working for me so far! I love how you can get a few days out of the tape as well 😊


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