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PCT Day 58 – Walker Pass to Spanish Needle Creek

Last updated Mar 25, 2020 | Published on Jun 21, 2017

DevilFish, a local Trail Angel, picked us up this morning right at 6:00 am at the Lake Isabella Motel. He drove a minivan and was able to fit all 6 of us: Dave, Gabi (Forward), Monarch, Sunkist, Captain Underpants and me. It was a long drive back to the trailhead and we were grateful for the ride.

On the ride to the trailhead, Sunkist puzzled over some items that had gone missing. She was missing 2 different socks, a hat, her buff, and two bottles of Gatorade. At first she thought they must have gone missing when she did her laundry. But when she realized her Gatorade bottles were missing too, she was at a loss.

Dave, Gabi (Forward), Sunkist, Me, Monarch and Captain Underpants

DevilFish dropped us off at the Walker Pass Campground, as my hiking partners all exited the trail there. Apparently I was the only one who had hiked the extra .7 miles to Walker Pass. So, I got to do that stretch of trail over again.

Owens Peak Trailhead at Walker Pass

After Walker Pass, the trail climbed steadily for several miles into the hills. It was a really windy day today and the wind whipped my hair and my clothes as I walked. Clouds scuttled by, pushed by the wind gusts. It was so different than the desert hiking we’d been doing last week. I still saw the occasional cactus or Joshua Tree, but we were seeing more coniferous trees too. It feels like the landscape is finally transitioning from desert to forest. Yay!

It’s Windy!!

We were all in high spirits today, feeling rested from the zero in town and buoyed by the new scenery. The lower temperatures made for much more pleasant (and less exhausting) hiking. We took lengthy breaks and took our time walking to our campsite. I arrived last, having taken a little nap in mid-afternoon.

Break Time!

What a View!

These Clouds are Neat

When I arrived at Spanish Needle Creek, lots of hikers were already camped here. I ran into Bottom, who I haven’t seen since Wrightwood. It was nice to cook dinner together and catch up.

While we were setting in for the evening, Sunkist suddenly exclaimed “Oh My God!!” from her tent. She had found her missing Gatorade bottles and clothes at the very bottom of her backpack hidden under her sleeping bag. She had no idea she was carrying that extra weight. Mystery solved!

PCT 2017 Stats

Mile 651.3 Walker Pass Campground to Spanish Needle Creek Mile 668.7

PCT Miles Hiked Today: 17.4
Feet Ascended Today: 3570
Feet Descended Today: 3582
Current Elevation: 5110.6
Steps: 5320

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