PCT Day 61 – Zero Day in Kennedy Meadows

Last Updated on March 25, 2020

I had a lovely day relaxing in Kennedy Meadows and working through my resupply box. I had sent all of the gear needed to traverse the High Sierras to Kennedy Meadows – including a bear canister, whippet (hiking pole with an ice axe handle), crampons, microspikes, 8 days of food, and extra warm clothes.  While I’ll no longer be hiking the Sierras, I’ll still be encountering some snowy sections when I flip to Northern California.  So, I had to sort through my gear and decide what to send home and what to keep.

Here are some photos from my time off in Kennedy Meadows:

Welcome to Kennedy Meadows!! Hanging out on the deck of the General Store
Just a Couple of Hikers Celebrating 700 Miles
Captain Underpants
Sizzle and Sea Biscuit’s Ultimate Chess Death Match
Tetris French Braided My Hair! Note the Attractive Sunglasses Tan. Also – I Got a New Shirt!
Fat and Sassy (yes that’s his hiker name) Attempts the Pancake Challenge at Grumpy Bear Restaurant. He Finished about 1/5 of the Pancake.
This is the Regular Pancake Portion. This Pancake is Bigger than my Head!
Legend Arrived in Kennedy Meadows! Hanging out at the LegendMobile

PCT 2017 Stats

PCT Day 61 – Tuesday June 12
Zero Day in Kennedy Meadows

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