PCT Day 61 – Tuesday June 13

Zero Day in Kennedy Meadows

I had a lovely day relaxing in Kennedy Meadows and working through my resupply box. I had sent all of the gear needed to traverse the High Sierras to Kennedy Meadows – including a bear canister, whippet (hiking pole with an ice axe handle), crampons, microspikes, 8 days of food, and extra warm clothes.  While I’ll no longer be hiking the Sierras, I’ll still be encountering some snowy sections when I flip to Northen California.  So, I had to sort through my gear and decide what to send home and what to keep.

Here are some photos from my time off in Kennedy Meadows:

Welcome to Kennedy Meadows!! Hanging out on the deck of the General Store

Just a Couple of Hikers Celebrating 700 Miles



Captain Underpants



Sizzle and Sea Biscuit’s Ultimate Chess Death Match

Tetris French Braided My Hair! Note the Attractive Sunglasses Tan. Also – I Got a New Shirt!

Fat and Sassy (yes that’s his hiker name) Attempts the Pancake Challenge at Grumpy Bear Restaurant. He Finished about 1/5 of the Pancake.

This is the Regular Pancake Portion. This Pancake is Bigger than my Head!

Legend Arrived in Kennedy Meadows! Hanging out at the LegendMobile

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