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Announcing Unicorn’s COVID-19 Diary

Last updated Mar 27, 2020 | Published on Mar 27, 2020

Hello from isolation where Daniel and I are slowly recovering from the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Even though we both have relatively mild forms of the virus, it’s taking longer to recover from it than we anticipated. We’re also a bit paranoid about leaving the cabin until we’re both absolutely sure that we’ve fully recovered.

The CDC recommends that COVID-19 patients remain in isolation until 3 days after symptoms improve. While Daniel and I are both starting to feel a little better now, we still have some symptoms. I’m guessing I’ll have a cough for a while yet. It’s hard to know exactly when it’s ok to leave.

So we’ve decided to extend our stay here by a couple of extra days just to be on the safe side. That will also give us the chance to regain our strength as packing up the cabin and disinfecting it will be a lot of work. Just thinking about it makes me feel tired.

I have been keeping a diary with detailed information about the symptoms we are experiencing day by day as well as what life in isolation is like. The diary also tracks the number of people infected with Coronavirus globally as well as the major news stories circulating each day. It’s been fascinating to see the numbers explode exponentially over the short time that we’ve been here.

Today I published the diary online and I’ll be updating it each day until we are recovered. You can read it here:

Feel free to share the link with anyone who you think will benefit from the information.


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