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PCT Day 100 – Waiting for my colon to heal

Last updated Apr 7, 2021 | Published on Aug 2, 2017

I was really bored today. Just waiting for my colon to heal is MAKING ME CRAZY!


I did accomplish a few things today. I mended some holes in the mesh of my backpack. That was thrilling. I also realized that I had a package at the post office and went over there to investigate. Turns out, I sent the package to an outfitter that went out of business in S. Lake Tahoe and it bounced over to the main post office. I located the package and sent it back home again since it includes warm clothing that I don’t really need right now.


Let’s see … what else did I do today besides waiting for my colon to heal? Hmm. I took a nap. I also noticed that I was feeling a little off today. I’m feeling a bit anxious and I haven’t been sleeping well. I’m on a pretty high dose of Prednisone and those are listed as common side effects. I’ve been feeling a little more uncomfortable with each day that I’ve been on the medication but I was really noticing the side effects today. Hm. Not good.

Sunset at the Beach

Dr Pain, Thirsty and me at the Beach

After dinner I walked over to the beach with Dr. Pain and Thirsty. I just met Thirsty but he hiked with the Slo-Bo’s through the Sierras and so it felt like we were old friends. We barely missed the sunset but caught the afterglow of orange and pink colors on the horizon of the lake. We watched the colors fade and commiserated about our respective health issues. Thirsty has an injured ankle and will be heading home tomorrow so we wanted to take him out on his last night. Not a very exciting send-off but it felt right somehow.

Right and Left

When we returned to the hostel, we found two new hikers in the kitchen and stayed up chatting with them for a while. Left and Right are a married couple and are ADORABLE. They were a little despondent because they had hiked out of Sierra City a couple of days ago and had to hike back again due to health issues. I really enjoyed their company and we stayed up late chatting for a while.

I was in a new dorm room with 8 beds tonight and laid in bed for a while thinking about options for returning to the trail. The rest of my hiking crew was due to arrive in S. Lake Tahoe tomorrow. They planned to flip up to Castella on Monday to hike the 150 miles in Northern California that we previously skipped due to snow and I REALLY wanted to go with them. I was feeling a little better. Or, at least, I reasoned that I wasn’t feeling any *WORSE*. And I was losing my mind just sitting here. By the time I went to sleep I had planned out the next couple of months, starting with hiking out with my friends on Monday.

PCT 2017 Stats

PCT Day 100
Saturday July 22 – Day 100

No miles hiked today

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