Great America Road Trip Day 4: Welcome to Montana

Montana. What a beautiful state. Although we technically crossed into Montana yesterday, it wasn’t until today that I felt like we actually arrived. Shortly after hitting the road, we left Lolo National Forest and its green canopy behind. We’re in big sky country now.


A Noisy Morning

Daniel and I awoke this morning in Cabin City Campground to find that our nearest neighbors had already left. It was later than I thought. We’re in a new time zone now and it’s taking some getting used to.

The lack of neighbors made it feel like we had the place to ourselves … until the shooting started. There must have been some sort of shooting range nearby. The shots were loud and insistent and lasted for a long time. So much for peace and quiet. Oh well.

Big Sky Country

We hit the road around noon and made our way back to the Interstate. Today was an unusual travel day for us as we didn’t simply head east along I-90. Daniel and I were only on the Interstate for a short while until we turned onto Highway 135 at St. Regis. From there we headed northeast towards Glacier National Park.

At first, we followed the Clark Fork River along the gorgeous St.Regis-Paradise National Forest Scenic Byway. Eventually we turned onto Highway 28 and left the trees behind. From here it was nothing but big blue skies with mountains in the distance.

We’re in big sky country now
Daniel would like to welcome you to Montana!
Montana highway

A while later, we arrived at Flathead Lake. This lake holds the distinction as the largest natural freshwater lake… by surface area in the contiguous United States that is west of the Mississippi. Even with all those modifiers it is still pretty darn impressive.

Flathead Lake
Look at that beautiful rig parked in front of Flathead Lake!

Socially Distant Dinner in Whitefish

Before continuing on to Glacier National Park, Daniel and I made a little detour to Whitefish. Our friends Greg, Casey and Randy were in Whitefish this past week and we arrived just before they left. We hung out on their patio for a lovely socially distant dinner of takeout from a local restaurant.

As we were finishing dinner, I looked at my watch to discover it that was almost 9:00 pm. I was surprised as it was still really light outside. This new time zone still continues to surprise me.

A socially distant dinner with Greg, Randy and Casey, along with some friends.
Alpine views from our socially distant dinner

Glacier Campground

It was just getting dark as we pulled into Glacier Campground around 10:00 pm. The campground was full so I was glad I had called ahead to make reservations a few weeks ago. We were exhausted by the time we pulled into our spot and set up camp for the night. More about Glacier Campground to come in another post.

Where are we now?

We are in Montana!

Date: Thursday July 9, 2020
Great American Road Trip Status: Day 4

Starting Location: Cabin City Campground, MT
Ending Location: Glacier Campground, MT
Miles Today: 176.4
Total Trip Mileage: 630

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