Great America Road Trip Day 6: Rocky Point Nature Trail

Daniel and I woke up at 6:45 this morning and pulled out of our campsite 20 minutes later. We were determined to beat the crowds at Avalanche Creek. I had planned a hike up to Avalanche Lake and was really looking forward to it. Alas, we weren’t able to complete this hike as planed and so ended up hiking the Rocky Point Nature Trail instead.

The Hike that Didn’t Happen

We hurried to Glacier National Park, hoping that we weren’t too late to find parking. Once we secured a spot, Daniel and I figured we could eat breakfast in the Rialta and get ready at a leisurely pace.

But it wasn’t meant to be. As we drove around Lake McDonald on Going-to-the-Sun Road, we found ourselves in a long line of cars all heading east. Before long, we were blocked from proceeding any further by some Park Rangers. Even though it was only 7:30 am, all the parking lots at Avalanche Creek were full.

The view of Lake McDonald from Rocky Point

The Rocky Point Nature Trail

It was time for a new plan. Our options were somewhat limited since the entire east side of the park was closed. So we drove over to the other side of Lake McDonald to check out the trails over there.

We ended up hiking the Rocky Point Nature Trail, an easy 2.5-mile ramble along the lake’s edge. The trail provides amazing views of Lake McDonald and the surrounding mountains in the distance. It’s a popular trail and so we had to step aside occasionally to avoid getting too close to other hikers. During some especially busy portions of the trail I even put on my mask.

Hiking along the Rocky Point Nature Trail. Photo by Daniel.
Lake McDonald
Snack time. Photo by Daniel.
Strolling along the Rocky Point Trail
Daniel strikes a pose

Beach Time

Eventually we found a quiet spot on edge of the lake and lounged on the beach for a while. I got the bright idea to go for a swim and put one toe in the water. Brr!! That water was cold! I slowly inched forward until I made it up to my neck and then dashed back to the shore.

Strolling along the beach
Photographic evidence! I did actually dip in the water up to my neck. Photo by Daniel.

Better Luck Next Time

All in all it was a really fun day, even though we didn’t hike to Avalanche Lake as planned. We’ll try again tomorrow and hopefully this time we’ll make it there early enough to find parking.

Daniel tends the campfire back at our campsite
Dinner time!

Where are we now?

We are at Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park!

Date: Saturday July 11 2020
Great American Road Trip Status: Day 6

Location: Glacier Campground, MT
Miles Today: 29.2
Total Trip Mileage: 695.2

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