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Korčula in the off season: A quiet town with imposing fortified walls

Last updated Nov 23, 2019 | Published on Nov 23, 2019

Thursday, November 14 to Sunday, November 17
Vagabonding Days 45-48
Korčula, Croatia

Korčula. Built on a promontory jutting out from an island, the town of Korčula has magnificent stone walls that run all around it. Like the other islands we recently visited, it is quiet in the off-season with only a handful of open businesses. Korčula’s Old Town is relatively small and it didn’t take us long to explore.

Daniel and I arrived just after a giant storm swept along Croatia’s coastline and the weather was still pretty rough. So, we spent most of our time hunkered down in the apartment and watching the wind and rain sweep across town. I didn’t mind. With all the travelling we’ve been doing lately, it was nice to take a breather.

The highlight of our visit was a wedding that took place mere steps away from our apartment. Daniel and I were sitting down to dinner when we heard music and ran outside to investigate. We were just in time to see an entire wedding procession disappear into the the Cathedral of Saint Mark, complete with a wedding band and a man waving a Croatian flag. After the ceremony was over, the wedding party moved to the cathedral square and the band started up again. Daniel and I watched the dancing and revelry from a respectful distance, enjoying the celebration.

Here are some photos from our short visit to Korčula.

Korčula’s Old Town.

Another view of Korčula’s Old Town.

Korčula’s Old Town as viewed from the Tommy Hipermarket.

Tommy is a local grocery store chain. This is a hipermarket, meaning it’s a large grocery store. Supermarkets, on the other hand, are small grocery stores.

Steps leading to Korčula’s Old Town from the ferry dock.

Korčula’s fortifications.

More of Korčula’s fortifications.

Korčula’s town gate.

Korčula’s town gate as seen from the other direction.

Small chapel near Korčula’s town gate.

Walking through Old Town.

A view of Sveti Ilija peak across the strait on Peljesac peninsula. I really wanted to hike it but the weather didn’t cooperate.

The view out our apartment window.

Doing my laundry. I was a little terrified of dropping a sock.

Archaeological excavation and renovation of some ruins in Old Town.

I feel compelled to sit in this giant chair. Photo by Daniel.

Daniel is too tall for some of the tiny old medieval doors in Old Town.

Cathedral of St. Mark.

Wedding party in front of the Cathedral of St. Mark later that evening.

Aftermath of the wedding celebration.

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